About the Designer

Flavia was born and raised in the heart of the Alps, a small town called Innsbruck, Austria. Headstrong, vivid, imaginative, multi-facetted, cosmopolitan, passionat, creative and sparkely are only some attributes to describe her. From a young age on Flavia saw the word through different eyes. There are no boundaries to her imagination, no limits to the sky and she always sees the best in everything. 

In 2005, Flavia moved to Vienna, in order to pursue her passion to become a goldsmith and jewellery designer. After attending the Vienna Goldsmith Academy she passed the first exam, leading up to become a goldsmith master. But with the love for the old masters and a hunger to perfectionate her skills, Flavia moved to Florence and attended the most renowned goldsmith school in Italy, L'Arte Orafe. Back in Austria she gained profound knowledge - working for the leading jewellery and art-dealing auction house, Dorotheum - in  customer advice, commercial conduct in a multicorporate enterprise and experience in international commercial trade relations. It was during this time, that Flavia found her pure love...for gemmology. Diamants, Saphires, Aquamarins, Rubies, Achats, Ioliths..you name it.